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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 27, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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hear tune in each night at 8:00 the sworn enemy of lying pomposity smugness and group think don't forget to dvr the show if you haven't set that up already. have a great evening. tucker back monday. >> tammy: welcome to this special edition of hannity. the left's overreach i'm tammy bruce in for sean. weave begin with a fox news alert. >> tammy: breaking tonight president trump and his legal team are vowing to take their fight to preserve election integrity all the way to the u.s. supreme court. after an appeals court earlier today dismissed a lawsuit over voting procedures in pennsylvania. now, following the ruling, trump lawyer jenna ellis tweeted, quote: the activist judicial machinery in pennsylvania continues to cover up the allegations of massive fraud onto the supreme court.
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and, yesterday, the president was asked about the growing evidence of ballot irregularities in key battleground states. here's what he had to say, take a look. >> it's going to be a very hard thing to concede because we know there was massive fraud. so as to whether or not i can get this apparatus moving this quickly because time isn't on our side. everything else is on our side. facts are on our side. this was a massive fraud. >> tammy: all right. well, the president went on to say that he will leave the white house, of course, if the electoral college votes for biden and tonight the president tweeted biden did poorly in big cities except those of detroit, philadelphia, atlanta, and milwaukee. not surprisingly, they are all located in most important swing states and are long known for being politically corrupt. democrats and their allies in ad the media mob are so desperate to stop from you asking legitimate questions about the way this elections was conducted.
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and legitimate questions about massive irregularities in the voting process yet all americans regardless of party or ideology do care about election integrity and transparency and. on the basis of democracy. and bailiffs of what it means to live in a free and fair country. why president trump is not slowing down and is vowing to fight to ensure that every legal vote is counted. and vowing to do everything he can to stand in the way of the far left's quest for power at all costs. now the president announced yesterday he will be holding a rally in georgia, yeah, next saturday. not this one but the next one for republican senators david perdue and kelly loeffler ahead of the georgia senate runoff in january. here's the president laying out the state of the race yesterday and the horrendous records of warnock and ossoff. take a look. >> he doesn't deserve to be there is he a light weight. and the other one is either a
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communist or socialist. i can't figure that one out yet. he is either a communist or a socialist. probably a communist. this is not for georgia. and i just want to tell my people don't be disappointed yet because this race is far from over. >> tammy: yes, indeed. remember, democrats have already made it clear that if they do take control of the senate, they are ready, willing, and able to unleash what would be the most far left political force on you, the american people, that we have ever seen. it will include abolishing the filibuster, packing the supreme court, two new states in d.c. and puerto rico creating four new democratic senators. wouldn't that be convenient? abolishing the electoral college. open borders, and much, much more. joining me now for reaction fox news contributedders jason chaffetz and david webb along with former acting dni director ric grenell a terrific lineup. a reminder for everyone watching, gentlemen, that this nation can be, is now, and will always be in good hands. thanks for joining me.
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let me start with you, rick. i mean, you have been thruf the administration. you have had many important posts as an ambassador. working with the president. you know, his action in going to georgia reminds people with everything else going on we with walk and chew gum at the same time that georgia is key, that the democrats are not kidding when it comes to what they will do. do you agree with that? >> yeah. look. you know, i have talked to president trump about races like georgia and the senate. and he is very focused on making sure that the senate stays in republican hands. he knows he has been through an administration where you have to deal with the senate. you have to try to get legislation through. and he knows how important it is. and so, as the head of our party, as the most popular person in our party, the president is focused on helping and when he goes, he will absolutely make a huge difference. people will come out. they will be able to see him, be
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energized. they will vote. the president really has a huge impact on so many races. and i see his commitment to georgia and we're all very pleased that he will be able to help us cross the finish line. >> tammy: indeed, jason, at the same time, you can have all the passion in the world, get out the vote. go there. rally people up. but it really doesn't matter if shenanigans continue. it really doesn't matter if we still have some problems there in georgia. what is your take on the nature of you who this is proceeding with what needs to happen? we know the democrats are already doing a great deal. even encouraging people to move to georgia to vote. what's your take on what can unfold there? >> yeah. i mean, you have people encouraging people to georgia which is, of course, against the law. that doesn't slow them down. all eyes are on georgia. there will be huron dreads of millions of dollars spent. but if you live in georgia, you are a legal, lawful voter. you need to get out and vote and do your part and make sure that
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the legal part of this, the poll watching part of it in that whole apparatus is doing the right thing. doug collins is leading i know the effort to go through the recount again. he will be heavily involved in this. one of the people i served with in congress. i have the greatest respect for. but republicans already have 50 senators in the united states senate. we need one but two would be better. to block what nancy pelosi is doing. it has to happen. i know there will be all kinds of shenanigans. you know what? elections happen at the precinct level and you need people engaged at those precinct levels. volunteering, willing to show up, willing to help count. and just keep a watchful eye. >> tammy: great point. david, talking about these are technical things no matter who is in the white house the senate matters. people still think in some ways the democrats mean well that is
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all roads lead to rome. everybody will be fine. nobody is going to be doing these crazy things that will hurt the country. david, you know, have you got a perspective here as i do that in fact the left don't mean well. that these are horrible things that can unfold. give as you perspective here when it comes to what the left is planning on doing and what we can expect over the next few years with them in charge? >> tammy, in order to see what they're planning on doing we have to first admit that they have been planning and executing for years now. they have always wanted to pervert our election system. look at what they have done. have you got the state of pennsylvania where just recently released news that senator has filed under their constitution article 1 section 2 for the legislators to get involved. they should pick the electors. we have got to follow the rules because the democrats have an outcome. the leftist progressives have the win at all costs, win by any
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means necessary. because in our system, once have you won, you get to take over and go. that's why the senate matters. they cannot have all three branches and i will say that very carefully, very accurately under our constitution, we don't have a president-elect right now. what we have is an election, a process that's playing out. we don't have a certification. so the president is still the president of the united states. he has his constitutional rights and he has to go through that processes? what's the challenge for the legal team. we have got to stop the left from going down the road. they have been traveling this road for a long time to change this country to alter the constitution and to alter it at the state levels so that it doesn't work for national election. >> tammy: you know, rick, you have been on the ground and dealing with nevada. have you seen the nature of what's been transpiring. this was not new as david is noting. they started this pre-pandemic. this universal mail-in voting which is ripe for manipulation.
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when we think about something like that, doesn't this have to be at the top of the republican agenda to kind of lock this down and make sure that we don't have a replay of this in 2022 and '24, et cetera? >> absolutely. it needs to be the number one issue. you know, you ask yourself what's the difference states like nevada or ohio. or ohio and pennsylvania. the reason why ohio ran so well is because you actually had to request a ballot. 60%, i think, is the number of people in ohio that voted by mail. but every single one of those people asked for a ballot. the difference is that in pennsylvania and nevada, the government started sending ballots to people and they didn't know those ballots were coming. people had moved. they didn't check the voter roles, people were dead. people were sent ballots to their old addresses. so, it was really a mess and it happened 60 days before the
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election. this is what happens when you change the rules and you are not prepared. >> tammy: yeah, and you know, jason, with your experience in congress, we know the value of being able to be chairing the committees. the impact that can be had when it comes to educating the american people. we know now look, president trump had the 1776 commission idea about education about doing something like that. if he's not in the white house, that of course will not happen. what else can you imagine when we're not dealing with a house even with the rarsz thin margin? what kind of power do they still have being in charge, especially of the committees? >> well, remember, all bills, all spending bills per the constitution originate in the house of representatives. now, there was no big blue wave. hats off to kevin mccarthy. every single republican running for re-election in this election, every single one of them won their race. not one was defeated. nancy pelosi predicted she would
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pick up 12 seats. she lost more than 12 seats. and there are still more coming. and so i have got to tell you, net loss of one senate seat and then the two still to play out. but, if they have the trifecta, the democrats, between the house and senate and the presidency, that's how we got obamacare. and they have got this list that rick ran through that we are still and david ran through that can still happen. and so it is absolutely pivotal that every person in georgia participate and that the legal team continues to pursue all of these elections until they are actually certified. >> tammy: david, thank you so much. i'm sorry we don't have time to get back to you though. i think we would all agree because it's a fact. it was a red wave down ballot. american people rejected what the left were pushing. what the democrats were pushing. and, yet, now they seem to think that they have got some kind of a mandate. obviously they are mistaken. david, jason, ric thank you for welcome me tonight. i appreciate it.
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also breaking tonight republicanrepublicans have flipr house seat in california, blue california with david valu valao ousting cox. 21st district this wave continues this was a rematch from 2018. enough to the unexpected losses for the house democrats leave speaker pelosi with a tiny rarsz thin margin heading into january. and the party is still pointing fixers ahead the search for a new democratic congressional campaign committee chief in hopes of avoiding disaster 2022, good luck with that steve achilles congressman elect. congratulations, sir. darrell issa. thank you very much for being here. as i left this last segment and now perfectly to you here it reilly it was a red wave.
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this was a rejection of what the democrats have been moving. the left is moving. identity politics, the cancel telculture. you know, crazy relationships with the iran north carolina tradition of vowing. we wanted a good economy. we got it. congressman issa, do you see when it comes to the nature of what it is that is happening here with the house what -- we know nancy pelosi is going to be back in. how do you think this is going to work out with this rars razon margin? >> we only need four or five democrats to fear for their own future and we can stop legislation. not as effectively as the fire wall of the senate but we can stop it. what's important though is that with steve scalise and leader mccarthy is that he would going to be able to offer real valid alternatives motions that are reasonable that at least six
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or seven democrats perhaps in fear for their own mortality politically will vote for. and that means we are going to win. we are going to be able to win against nancy pelosi and the way we weren't able to for the last two years part of it is quite candidly the voters elected two years ago in large numbers. michelle steele, kim, david valdao and mark garcia. democrat have gone republican again. >> tammy: congressman scalise they won in part in 2018 because they talked about the issues. they said we are not in to impeachment. we don't like nancy pelosi. we care about your issues. what is the first thing and really the only thing at the did they did impeachment while the coronavirus was coming over from china that that was clearly the
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american people were watching and they cared. at least stop them from doing damage in that regard congressman scalise what is at the top of your list about what matters in this next term coming up? >> tammy, the thing that matters most to me and my republican colleagues is fighting for those small businesses, those hard-working families that have been left behind that are struggling right now. a lot of these states, mostly lead by democrats are shutting everything down. and, you know, states like florida where they are opening things up and texas are doing well. states like new york and california where they are shutting everything down are doing really really poorly and businesses are floundering. people, by the way, are dying from non-covid related things. they are not getting mammograms and colonoscopies. kids not being allowed to go back to school are being denied their educational future. we will be fighting for all of those people that are being left behind. look, have you got this vaccine. you saw the great report today that because of president trump's leadership with operation warp speed, there is
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now a contract with united airlines to distribute the vaccine all throughout the united states. this is a military effort with the smartest minds from the fda from the greatest drug companies in the world like pfizer, mow concernna, so many others. i mean, we are seeing president trump's policies work for families. what we're not see something speaker pelosi care about those families and that's why she was rejected at the polls because of wanting to defund the police, wanting to raise taxes. literally pushing a pro-abortion agenda when we were trying to fight for the unborn including babies born alive outside of the womb that the democrats still wanted to allow to die. these are the radical socialist agenda items that pelosi fought for. we are going to be fighting for those hardworking families. >> tammy: that's good news clearly with what happened now and the dilsz array and being so wrong with what happened, congressman mcclintock there is going to be another wave in 2022. that's of course where you have to make some headway in getting
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some democrats to work with you. at the same time, sir, there seems to be this fantasy that in the event mr. trump is not in the white house his 73 million voters are going to disappear and his agenda doesn't matter and the red wave that happened based on his accomplishments that that is just going going to become a memory. do you imagine the trump agenda, the merit of what we voted for and the transformation that happened in these last four years is still on the minds you have republicans and still will be be represented regardless of who is in the white house? >> more than republicans. i think there are a lot of democrats and independents that are starting to connect the dots between the policies of the democratic left and what thee have consistently delivered. that's why we made gains in california. people living with that firsthand. you look whatever the democratic left controls policy you will see exactly the same things. failing schools, rampant homelessness, rising crime. skyrocketing energy costs.
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water shortages. unaffordable housing. high unemployment. crushing regulations and tasks. failing businesses. fleeing families. that's what the democratic left delivers. and i think californians are getting fed up with that and i think americans across the country are looking at places like california and new york and saying we don't want to go there that's why the georgia election is so important. >> tammy: well, i will tell you, i think americans know they are going to look to men like you when it comes to being a firewall against the rest of the country becoming san francisco or los angeles because that's not what we have certainly voted for. not by any means at all. so, gentlemen, thank you very much. vu a busy couple years coming up. coming up for us a huge win for religious liberties this week as the supreme court blocked governor andrew cuomo's attempt to limit the number of people attending religious services because of covid. while religious are praising the decision. some on the left are going after
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>> tammy: welcome back to a special edition of hannity. very big win for religious liberty this week after the supreme court ruled against new york governor andrew cuomo and his draconian attendance restrictions on houses of worship. in a 5 to 4 decision which included newly appointed justice amy coney barrett, in the majority, the court found that the governor's actions trampled on the first amendment guarantee of the exercise of religion. in his concurring opinion. justice gorsuch exposed moral hypocrisy writing it is time -- past time to make plain that while the pandemic poses many
6:24 pm
grave challenges there is no world on which the constitution toler rates color coded executive edigits that reopen liquor stores and bike shops but shutter churches, synagogues and mosques. bravo, sir. but, rather than take responsibility for his unconstitutional action, governor cuomo lashed out at the court, telling reporters the supreme court made a ruling it's more illustrative of the supreme court than anything else. praised the rule reverend franklin graham thanked the justices for standing up for religious liberty cardinal dolan tweeted our churches are essential. how did the left act by spewing more rage hate and hysteria at the five justices and specifically justice barrett. for example, failed obama adviser ben rhodes call the
6:25 pm
decision illegitimate and "new york times" columnist paul krugman claimed the decision would get people killed. and other unhinged leftist expressed their ire by tweeting out amy covid barrett, ha ha ha. joining me now for reaction fox news contributor rachel campos-duffy along with fox news analyst gregg jarrett and relatable podcast host al will he beth stuckey. certainly the name of your podcast appropriate because you are relatable. >> thank you. >> tammy: i want to start with you all of the regulars and norms and not that rachel and gregg aren't but all of us normals knew this was unconstitutional. we knew it was a slap in the face first amendment. it was the reason why it was placed there because they nigh knew the old world were always going to clamp down on religious liberty. that was the problem. is that how you saw this. was this decision a surprise to you? >> yes. and i love reading both gulch
6:26 pm
and kavanaugh's argument in the concurrent here. and gulch laid it out so perfectly. he said look, we understand if the state has a compelling interest there may be very narrow restrictions that they place on gatherings. but, what we saw in the case of cuomo is that he was discriminating against these religious institutions in a way he was not discriminated against secular institutions like bike shops and other place. and though that is clearly a violation of the first amendment and almost seemed like there was a malicious intent behind it. and i'm so glad that gulch not only laided out that argument but also discounted the argument of the dissent on the court which included someone who we used to believe was a conservative justice roberts who basically didn't want to rule on this because they said look, this is not even relevant anymore. they decided to move these institutions out of the zone. but the fact of the matter is, these institutions need that protection because the executive order is still in place. >> well that indeed.
6:27 pm
and, gregg, while it was about a new york situation fact is that the supreme court and its decisions impact the country as a whole, can you explain how that would work in this kind of an instance? clearly they have spoken about their -- how they view these kinds of separate decisions against churches, places of worship, versus liquor stores and bike shops. so, it does move nationally. doesn't it? >> gregg: it sets a strong precedents for future cases. this was actually a very easy and obvious case. with cuomo and newsom and other governors have done is not just a violation of the first amendment freedom of religion. it's also a violation of the equal protection clause of the constitution. have to treat people and businesses equally. >> tammy: great point. >> it's okay to shop at a grocery store or liquor store but not okay to worship in a church or a synagogue or a mosque? it's okay in the nevada to play
6:28 pm
blackjack and craps at a casino? but it is not okay to worship your religion? so gulch was right. there is no world in the constitution in which that is permissible and, yet, these liberal justices who you would think would be the first people who would say we have to treat people equally. >> tammy: exactly. >> ignore the constitution completely. they say this is going to exacerbate human suffering in america. where is the science for that if people in church wear masks and social distance the same way they do at offices and factories at supermarkets and pharmacies and book stores and hair salons, then logically, the risk is identical. so, it was a silly and obtuse argument by the liberal justices. >> tammy: and you also notice, rachel, already we have some concern about legitimacy of government. and one of the reasons trump was elected was for law and order
6:29 pm
and fairness that everyone would see the same kind of justice. and yet you would kind of see -- you have to think that maybe liquor store owners or casinos have or mr. money the politicians don't want to hurt them. the people in the mosque or the temple they are not greasing our palms so much. is that your kind of sense of you who this all unfolded in a very kind of twilight zone way about what was restricted and what wasn't? >> yeah. it was interesting. you saw that things that liberals like to do seemed to not be such a big public health hazard and things that republicans and conservatives like to do like go to church and open schools, you know, that didn't work. so, yeah, and also common sense. i mean, i would suggest to you, tammy, that there are probably more germs and covid transmission at a strip club than at church. >> tammy: no.
6:30 pm
>> there is a lot going on there. cardinal dolan came out and congratulated thinks decision. ironically his boss, the pope put an op-ed nut "new york times" which which he basically threw dollan and every other catholic under the bus who have been concerned about religious liberty been violated. he wrote an op-ed protecting this or standing up for these rights is selfish. he mentioned climate change twice. never mentioned religious liberty and basically pair routed a bunch of globalist slogans like build back better and whatnot. >> tammy: amazing. >> not everybody in the church community is on page here. i would say most common sense americans. people of faith know that a lot of people miss going to church. a lot of elderly are not dying of covid. many of them are dying of loneliness and miss their faith communities. good on the supreme court and congratulations. i'm so thankful to donald trump for putting those
6:31 pm
>> tammy: we see these kind of decisions are now and how they have an impact because clearly this is key. we have a lot of work to do obviously in the years to come because the human condition is the fragile one. when it's good that we've got this kind of decision. considering the kind of year that we've had so far. everyone, thank you very much for being with me tonight i appreciate it. coming up next, we have a report on the assassination of an iranian nuclear scientist. plus, the mainstream media is once again being called out over your blatant hypocrisy. we will have the latest examples. stay right there. ♪ it you? you? oh well, look! that's what we're both taking right now, fanapt. you know it's really been helping me manage my schizophrenia. i used to hear these terrible voices. loser! you're such a failure. you're so embarrassing. i used to feel like everyone was staring at me.
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♪ >> tammy: will come back to the special edition of "hannit
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"hannity." top iranian scientist tied to the nuclear program was assassinated. our own bench men has the latest details. benjamin. >> this is a major blow to the iranian nuclear program. the head of the program, he was known as the father of the iranian bomb. he's been on the hit list years. if he's a man that secretary pompeo and benjamin have mentioned by name. he was ambushed in a wealthy suburb outside tehran when attackers blew up a truck while he parked by with his bodyguards. of five men jumped out and opened fired on his car. remarkably audacious, sophisticated operation in the heart of a run. they're already blaming israel and the supreme leader has said that iran would retaliate. "it was like lightning on the killers of the impressed marker." this is just a series of attacks that struck at the heart of iran's nuclear program. amid fresh concerns about the
6:37 pm
increasing amount of enriched uranium that iran is producing. just a few days ago, israeli dispense forces were told to prepare for a possible u.s. strike against iran before the end of president trump's term. although there is no current intentions of one. just under one year ago, the u.s. assassinated the iranian general. iran responded them by attacking u.s. bases in iraq. at the time, many said the two countries stood on the brink of war. whether iran retaliates now remains to be seen. if iran retaliates, it will make it a lot harder for the biden administration to rejoin. it's something that iran desperately wants. at the same time, u.s. allies in the region israel and saudi are firmly against. tammy. >> tammy: think you very much for that, then. the following reports of the assassination, former cia director john brennan tweeted this list of terminal act and highly restless, risk for lethal
6:38 pm
retaliation and regional conflicts. iranian leaders would be wise to wait for the responsible leadership on the global stage and resist the urge to respond against culprits. we keep an eye on the developing story and the outrageous comments from john brennan. of "the washington post" is being called out for their blatant hypocrisy, what is new? over a story describing the world stride americans celebrate and thanksgiving. media outlets are not even trying to hide the bias anymore. caitlin collins is being ridiculed for outing herself and the white house after president trump answered some of the questions yesterday. fox news contributor john conger responded to the tweet with a optics perspective in terms of the argument around objectivity.
6:39 pm
this wasn't a good idea. joe now joins us. along with other of the new book "slanted" and hosted of sinclair sunday tv measure, cheryl atkinson. thank you both for being here i appreciate it. fascinating news out of around. you can see now the difference between youth god john brennan tweeted, twitter saying of course having an impact on things. then yet, you've got i don't know if he's going to be described as a austere nuclear scientist, joe, by the way, how do you think when you look at the nature of the media not even pretending as we've noted that they are biased and prefer the nature of the biden approach? >> yeah, old enough to remember, tammy, when general soleimani was assassinated earlier this year. i can't believe that happened this year, it feels like a year ago. it was called in st or scholar
6:40 pm
talked about as a young boy how he played soccer before visiting his mosque. it seems like were more sympathetic toward those in the iranian regime or bad guys in general. then the way it should be reported, which is this is what happens, just the facts. instead we've got john brennan who, again, the heads of the intelligence agencies are extremely dacian terms of the fact that brennan is a analyst and ran the cia. obviously, he shows his bias now. you see james comey, former head of the fbi, he shows the bias. i thought these guys were apolitical. talk about james clapper or andrew mccabe who was fired for leaking information to the press by the fbi and he gets the contract from cnn. all the heads of intelligence agencies who are supposed to be a political are showing their anything about, tammy. >> tammy: great point. cheryl, you've been everywhere and you've had great investigate of reporting on so many issues, certainly on national security
6:41 pm
issues. being the subject yourself a federal encroachment upon your privacy. we've got a dynamic here where the president, president trump has been nominated three times for the nobel peace prize, and all of a sudden we see -- we saw what the media did with the selection. it being propaganda framework if you will when you're dealing with bias and how they approach the issue. how do you see the next few years unfolding when it comes to the serious questions for joe biden? do you think they will get tired of not being able to get into the basement of the white house? what do you think they're going to do when it comes to biden in the clearly absurd situation we are facing? >> i think we've already had a preview and watching how the media at large cover the campaign. well president trump was probably the most present in question answering president we've ever had. bruce is probably joe biden as a candidate was the most asinine
6:42 pm
when we've ever had come a criticism about that and tough questions are even rational realistic questions tossed at biden's direction a few times. i think we will see that continue to the extent of that biden goes against whatever the narrative is, powerful interests wants. if they want him to be farther left, if he is not on point with a particular narrative that they want. these are powerful interests pulling strings in the news in the media behind the scenes. then we can expect some tough questions and potential attacks. short of that, he's going to get treatment compared to what president trump got. when you look at this, the media transformed itself in the way it thinks of itself thanks to the encroachment of political and corporate interest in the newsroom into not a place that's trying to report the facts and reflect them accurately, but a place that's trying to shame public opinion and tell them how they should feel, what they should think, what studies they should look at and which ones they should see.
6:43 pm
this environments, don't expect the accuracy. >> tammy: it's interesting, joe, we hear a lot about the bias of social media. it seems to me that social media in some ways is setting the tone now for legacy media, fro for newspapers, television like their own censorship. and they move to begin to censor a variety of issues which can serve conservatives it sells, it seems to send a message of approval for me to do the same. what are your thoughts on that? >> social media absolutely is dictating what's going on in the newsroom. it is something straining and must be a hot topic we must talk about. we touched on it nicely earlier. it's shifted gone from journalism to activism, and then as we saw with the photo of the white house press corps taking a selfie of themselves, narcissism. bob woodward, they weren't to journalists about this at the
6:44 pm
onset of the trump era. in terms of the way that their perceived particularly by trump supporters. if we don't have to do a editorial and everything because people see the smugness. that's exactly what's going on here. the number one rule for any journalist, tammy, particularly those in the white house press corps is not to make yourself the story. to take a selfie of yourself with a bunch of reporters, not social distancing, that's not even 6 inches, that's exhibit a, tammy. >> tammy: excellent points. it's almost no they believe the 73 million plus people who voted for donald trump or donald trump and self are going to fade away. as though this never happened. we don't exist. i think they're going to be in for a few surprises, i would say. thank you for joining me tonight and i appreciate it. a lot of work to do obviously. coming up, thanksgiving protesters in multiple cities vandalized historical statues and monuments. they are still at it, folks. more trouble brewing for
6:45 pm
joe biden and supporters of the defund the police movement say that they are not backing down. stay with us as this special edition of "hannity" continues. ♪
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♪ >> tammy: welcome back everyone to the special edition of "hannity." yesterday, americans celebrating thanksgiving, protesters in multiple cities toppled historic statues and monuments. here now with more is our own bryan llenas. of brian. >> tammy good evening. it's an eight indigenous people movement against white supremacy. now, they have two goals, multiple goals. one of the goals is defund the police. at the other is to return u.s. public land back to native people. now the campaign is
6:50 pm
anti-thanksgiving thinking it's a capital's masquerading oppressive violence call initiation of indigenous people. this thanksgiving week, the so-called decolonization protesters targeted monuments. first, portland, oregon, were three people were arrested for causing thousands of dollars in damage, vandalizing at least ten businesses breaking windows and spray painting. a monument dedicated to the 1903 veterans of the mexican-american war was torn down in the phrase of "f the usa." another monument called pioneer statue was tagged with the graffiti with phrases like you colonize. in chicago, police investigating a breeze and failed attempt to topple a park statue of president william mckinley using the rope attached to a
6:51 pm
car. in spokane, washington, a statue of president abraham lincoln was also vandalized with red paint. tammy. >> tammy: brian, thank you very much and i appreciate that. it knew tonight's, trouble already brewing for joe biden. defund the police advocates are sending a message telling them they're not going away. meanwhile, house majority with the congressman james clyburn said that biden is falling short on naming african-americans to top posts. if his criticism comes with a democrat division over who biden should pick for agriculture secretary. clyburn making a strong push for ohio congresswoman marcia fudge. of other democrats in mind for the coveted position. the neighbor really, civil attorney, leo burrell. thank you both. i want to ask you, we open this with attacks on america, statues
6:52 pm
that represent america. were open-minded to changes in arguments that are made. it seems like what's going on with the democrats is that it's not really ever about politicization. it is about punching each other in the nose. what's your take on smashing history? >> it's horrible and americans should be arranged how the radical mob is calling the shots didn't take a number. been added this entire year with all the destruction and damage that's taken place with their riots and the protests, different parts of the country. when they're pushing to defund and get rid of the police, my goodness, or country is about law and order. if the radical law that has taken control and heaven forbid a joe biden ends up in the white house. if they're going to be pushing him around and making demands. the radical mob wants to get rid
6:53 pm
of the police, courts, prisons. at the one absolute chaos, not law and order. >> tammy: great point. leo, this is one of the arguments. if i don't know what the left thoughts, we knew they were going to have power and influence over joe biden or whoever would be in the white house. it were not sure who's going to be running the country at that point. but they really made it clear that they were serious about defunding the police. do you see the left having an impact on the democrats as they have throughout the entire year? if not mother the last four years and if they're going to be successful in the push with biden. >> i will say right now they will make a lot of noise in trouble and give joe biden headaches for the next four years. joe biden has his fingers crossed that the republicans win back the senate so he can point to them for help. if because i will tell you right now, joe biden has bit off more than he can chew. he can't control aoc, he can't
6:54 pm
control bernie sanders. if he doesn't want to win back the senate because he will be in trouble. regarding jim clyburn, right now, joe biden like a blank democrats for 47 years. i'm not surprised that joe biden has jim clyburn, he should be embarrassed. should have done what i did, left the party and voted republican. the bottom line is, joe biden has bitten off more than he can chew, tammy. the left, aoc, bernie sanders, it's going to haunt him for the next four years. >> tammy: leo, i agree with you. we've got joe biden here and really, genuinely it's kind of a front. dineen, for a few seconds left, barack obama has been in front and it seems though this is a recycled obama administration. do you think that they are going to be the ones that's quelling the squad. do you think they will do that? >> no, they can't control this monster that they've created with the radicals, especially
6:55 pm
the ones in congress. it's 2.0 when it comes to biden and harris if they end up in the white house. 2.0 of more of obama's trying to transform our country t to the worst aspect possible, whether it's the economy, jobs, national security, safety, you name it. we'll be bad news for the country. if amax we want you to have a terrific impact and thank you for joining me. thank you very much. the work continues. coming up, more of the special edition of "hannity" after the break. it don't anywhere. ♪ we're excited to do business with you
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♪ >> tammy: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity," thank you to sean and his team for entrusting me with this chair. to all of you fox viewers, i hope you had a great thanksgiving. you make everything worthwhile. it's great to be in the foxhole
7:00 pm
with you, we've got work to do. it lets all the time we have left for this evening. thank you very much for watching, have a gentle weekend. if sean is back on monday. lisa boothe filling in for laura on "the ingraham angle." hope you have a great weekend. ♪ >> lisa: great job, tammy. i'm lisa boothe in for laura ingraham and this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle" right here from new york city. it's thanksgiving week but that hasn't stopped the media from being utterly disgraceful. not very surprised but we are going to expose it all in the return to the worst in the media. plus, barack and michelle obama getting into the business. comedian jeff dunham will break that down with a new competiti competition. just nominated for times person of the year and raymond arroyo is here in the shocking pick and "follies."


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